Lunar eclipse february 27 2020 astrology in india

The position of the Sun, Earth and Moon were extracted from the DE files using EphemerisCompute , which was also written by the author, and is also freely available for download. They assume that the Earth and Moon are both ellipsoids with fixed polar and equatorial radii, and do not take into account the irregular topography of either body.

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All eclipse predictions are made at sea level. In practice, this means that the predictions presented here are inaccurate by at most of few seconds. Latitude: Longitude: Timezone:. Color scheme. Light Night mode.

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Recently re-emerged in the evening star form, visible in the western sky after sunset, the planet of oneness, Venus, moves through the challenging degrees of the gandanta between Scorpio and Sagittarius on November Let's watch Venus work the room as she glides into Jupiter's fire sign, not the most comfortable place for Venus, who will also be moving past Jupiter, Ketu and Saturn as she attempts to decorate for the holidays.

Fa la la! Venus is concerned with conduct between people, which ranges from friendships to diplomatic relations. Sagittarius doesn't tolerate corruption or untruth for long, due to Jupiter's lordship.

Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

While Jupiter and Venus aren't friends, they are considered together to be the two great teachers of the planets, with Jupiter running the natural law department and Venus heading up the civil law department. In this, they are united in their purpose, to bring clarity to our minds and guide us toward truth, joy and fulfillment. If we see Jupiter and Venus as one team and Saturn and Ketu as another, we may be witnessing the tide of growth, positivity, creativity and love Jupiter and Venus coming to wash over the corruption, negativity, destruction and distaste that has been exposed through the past half year by the close conjunction of Saturn and Ketu.

By December 15 when Venus moves into Capricorn, she moves freely ahead of the pack. This is a great period of time to clean things up; homes, relationships, creative projects, scholarly requirements, lesson plans, religious organizations, the entire United States, etc. As November comes to a close, a lunar cycle also ends and begins anew.

This is a good time to choose rest and rejuvination. This combination of Sun and Moon in the enigmatic territory of Scorpio occurs specifically in the nakshatra lunar mansion of Anuradha, lorded by the planet Saturn. At this new Moon, we deserve a good pause, as the energy of transformation is extremely ripe.

Deep transformation usually requires enough detachment to completely change course, so choose wisely; there is no need to discard resources or spend them mistakenly. With Jupiter having moved signs, we enter into a new Jupiter cycle for the next year, keeping in mind that Jupiter will be interacting with the agent of ultimate transformation, Ketu, through September, when Ketu moves from Sagittarius to Scorpio and its counterpart, Rahu, moves from Gemini to Taurus.

From November 5, , when Jupiter entered his own sign and became powerful to bring truth to the exposed corruption that has been a by-product of the Saturn-Ketu conjunction over the summer months, until Saturn will be moving out of Sagittarius and into Scorpio on January 23, , we have an opportunity to begin a clean-up project that will lead to new growth potential.

It will be a study in how to balance holding on and letting go. For this approximately ten weeks, consider carefully what feels intuitively right to discard or separate from while at the same time observing what feels intuitively right to pursue, nurture and grow. Opportunities could arise and fade away quickly.

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It may be difficult to know what to do and we may be susceptible to confusion coming from too many choices. Be ready to hold on or let go at the drop of a hat.

We must learn to ride through the rough patches of life with grace, balance and detachment. Kerry Shamblin Vedic Astrology. Planetary Influence. Jyotish Forecast Archive November October September August July June May April March February January December November Jupiter Enters Sagittarius November 4 The great and benevolent Jupiter, who we call Guru or Brihaspati, will change signs on November 4, , moving from Mars' water sign, Scorpio and into his own fire sign of Sagittarius. A destiny-fulfilling, hot and passionate, fiery Full Blood Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, 27th July , the longest eclipse of the century and the second in a rare series of three eclipses.

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Astrologically aligned in the signs Leo and Aquarius, this eclipse encourages an in depth exploration of both heart AND mind. The first of this unusual eclipse series began with a karmic gate opening the very essence of our spirit with the New Cancer Moon 12th July; the third is an inspired Leo New Moon, August 11 th. Measure how you have developed and grown to get an idea of how to handle a potentially similar circumstance.

The difference between past critical periods and now is how the life-giving Sol is currently in league with Pallas Athena, one of the larger asteroids representing female creativity with spectacular strategies. Pallas Athena suggests a strong feminine force can influence a future that impacts upon larger group activities. And so it appears a confrontation with past karma is staring right at us now, upfront and personal.

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Currently on the back-foot, Mars is also involved in a protracted four-month long aspect, with Uranus in a hard, three-hit whammy. Having a reputation for left-field brilliance, Uranus rules the wacky and wonderful Altruistic Aquarius , the sign of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Together, Mars and Uranus signify explosive and sudden snaps and cracks out of the blue and flashes of insight.

Cancer Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

Both Uranus and Aquarius are also symbols of extremes. So while there are Aquarian types who live for freedom and liberation from suffering, always acting for the benefit of humanity and all sentient beings, there are also others who, for whatever reason, create chaos and disruption with the same kind of zeal.

Tension is high, particularly in busy zappy places with large groups of people. Watch-out as nerves fray and tempers bubble and boil.