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Taking the time to spell out for them the emotional ramifications of failing to pay attention to this or that detail will help them understand. In this way, rather than fussing over details, you are seen to be the deeply caring community member that you really are. By getting to the very heart of something or understanding the fundamental concepts, you can discover new resources that are waiting to be exploited. These resources may not be tangible things, but rather intangible things like passion, idealism, and faith.

Allow these new resources to flow through you and soon enough you will be mastering new skills and attaining new levels of public visibility. You are being purified and refined and this involves separating the subtle magical part of something from the gross impurities. Looking back to these years may provide important clues about the processes going on now and the possibilities for important catalysts which set in motion long term transformations.

It would be great if you could take a break from your usual outgoing nature and really make time and space to look within. Even if you cannot take a literal retreat at this time, you can nevertheless become quieter and more still within your normal routines and watch for what happens in the spaces this creates. You have a chance to distill something very complex down to its most basic essence and turn this into a symbol, like a brand logo, which has the power to grow and spread like a seed. It would be tempting to focus on work right now and in particular productivity.

By focusing on and refining the various relationships between members in a group, you can clarify the group consciousness and this will naturally lead to more productivity. Pay attention, because in the spring you can translate this process to the relationships between various groups.

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If you can boil your message down to its simplest terms—a single sentence, word, or image—then you have a chance to make great strides in your career and public reputation. This serves the same purpose as a magical sigil, that is, it is like a seed. By repeating this purified form of your message over and over in different settings, you are disseminating seeds upon the fields of consciousness. Watch for results in the spring, like the harvesting of winter wheat. You are entering into the third stage of transformation known as the rubedo, where you finally begin to see concrete results.

You re-defined yourself earlier this spring and took some risks with this new identity over the summer. Scan the horizon for new lands within which you may find strange and beautiful people and customs. Allowing these into your heart will keep the cycle of change going, and you will find a still newer you to greet in the spring. Gary P. Caton is a transdisciplinary astrologer who maintains an active sacred relationship with the living Sky as his temple.

Find Gary online at DreamAstrologer. Astrological aspects for Mercury retrograde in Scorpio Mercury makes a series of soft harmonizing aspects to planets which signify long-term energies. Horoscopes to Help You Deal Aries This retrograde highlights the unique resources you bring to marriage and business partnerships.

Taurus Dropping your guard—your uber practical nature—and really opening yourself to another is the most important thing for you right now. Gemini The things you repeat on a day to day basis become who you are. Leo Someone at home, or perhaps even from your ancestral past, needs to know that you really get how they feel.

Virgo Your detail-focused nature can sometimes take for granted the depth of understanding that is necessary for people to see why the particular details you are focused on are so important.

Libra By getting to the very heart of something or understanding the fundamental concepts, you can discover new resources that are waiting to be exploited. Scorpio You are being purified and refined and this involves separating the subtle magical part of something from the gross impurities. Scorpio or Scorpio Rising A big bird in a small tree. There are times when you have to test a new environment. Vulnerability, intimacy, self-worth and trust are all ready to be examined. Think about your history of trusting others. The moment is ripe to take a chance on uncertainty.

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Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Sorting silverware. Do you really feel like you fit in? Or are you a spoon surrounded by forks? The first step is to stop judging yourself. Feel at home with who you are. Then you can look around and decide if these relationships are working. Some rearranging needs to happen so that you can be comfortable in your surroundings.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising A magic wand.

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Change your daily chores into fun activities. Wave a magic wand and cast a spell that makes your responsibilities fun. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising A marching band. You need an entire marching band to announce your presence. What are you fired up for? Make it fun and creative. Pisces or Pisces Rising A kitten mews. Is there a part of you that needs some gentle tender care? Slow down and ask yourself if you are lonely or tired.

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Do you need some kind of physical or emotional sustenance? The outside world can wait. Go within and notice what you need. Aries or Aries Rising A rainbow stretches across the sky. There are a myriad of colors available. A large spectrum of possibilities. Now is the time to consider your options and widen your viewpoint. You may stumble upon a new way of thinking that helps put everything in perspective.

Taurus or Taurus Rising A camel in the desert. Set intentions for how you will feel secure. The one thing that is certain is that life is always changing.

So security is a kind of mirage. What idea or intention will help you feel secure?

Is it your self-worth? Your friendships? Your money? Your great ideas? Help yourself feel truly confident.

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Gemini or Gemini Rising Kindling for the fire. Yes, you can say it all, do it all and be it all. Hurl more wood on the fire and dance like a luminous flame. My only caution is that you check in with yourself during this activated time. Nourish your soul through conscious self-inquiry. That will help you burn bright. Cancer or Cancer Rising Dipping doughnuts in coffee. Release your attachment to any outcome and focus on the present moment. Where is the sweetness?

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Leo or Leo Rising Mirrors in the funhouse. Scarcity is a distorted funhouse mirror. Break the concave mirror with one swift kick, then race to the room with the infinity mirrors. Learn to see your worth magnified infinite times. Virgo or Virgo Rising Cryptic equations on the chalkboard. The answer is right in front of you. There are clues around you that can help you understand how to position yourself in your career.

You just need to find the right formula.

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Connect with a mentor who can help. Trust that your issues are solvable. The more that you study the puzzle, the more likely it is that you will unlock the answers. Libra or Libra Rising Research data. This is all an experiment so collect the data objectively. The more you try to succeed the more times you will fail. So do both. Succeed and fail. Love your ability to fail with every cell of your being. Study the results.