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Zeus obviously thought that would be the end of the matter. However, things did not go according to plan, and swallowing Metis did nothing to stop her baby from being born. Day and night, Metis hammered away inside Zeuss head, fashioning a helmet.

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The constant hammering gave Zeus unbearable headaches. One day, while resting, he developed the worst headache of all.

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It was so bad that he told the god Hephaestus Vulcan to crack his skull open with an ax. When Hephaestus did as he was commanded, Athena popped out fully grown and wearing battle armor that included the brilliant helmet. Since Metis had not actually given birth to Athena, Zeus got to keep his throne, and his beautiful, gray-eyed daughter became her fathers favorite.

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T aurus is the most grounded of the twelve zodiac signs. Abstract ideas hold little fascination for you; your focus is on security and the practical necessities of life. Unlike Aries, who is drawn by love of the game and the desire to win, you are a lot more interested in the games rewards. Reliability is your trademark, and your determina- tion, stability, and quiet strength tend to inspire trust in others. You view broken promises and betrayals of any type as threats to your security, and you dont take kindly to disappointment.

Bulls are typically stubborn and impervious to change. You prefer doing things at your own pace and rarely welcome innovations not of your own making. Comfort is your main concern. You like being surrounded by pleasing, soothing things and people. Above all, you enjoy the sensual pleasures. Especially ne food, drink, art, music, and a happy home and harmonious love life. Relationships Most Taureans are deeply passionate, yet somewhat shy and reserved.

Most of what you feel takes place beneath the surface, and your approach to love and romance is decidedly more passive than aggressive. Youd much rather sit back and wait for others to come to you, and they usually do. You may be the consummate romantic, but youll think long and hard before making a serious, long-term commitment. However, once you do commit, you expect to maintain the status quo and nd it really difcult to let go. Youd rather hang on to a worn-out love affair than deal with the discomfort of ending it and starting over with someone new.

The Myth King Minos, who attained the Cretan throne with the aid of the sea god Poseidon Neptune , aspired to mastery of the Mediterranean and, once again, appealed to the god for assistance. After preparing for a sacrice to Poseidon, Minos prayed for a bull to emerge from the sea.

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The obliging Olympian god sent a beautiful snow-white bull, which Minos was to sacrice in return for Poseidons help. However, when the king saw the magical bull, he decided to keep it and add it to his own herd. Minos reneged on his obligation to Posideon and sacriced a lesser bull in its place. The angry god decided to teach the ungrateful king a lesson and asked Aphrodite Venus , goddess of love, to devise a punishment.

Aphrodite caused Minos queen, Pasifae, to be lled with a great lust for the beautiful bull. Pasifae commissioned the palaces craftsman, Daedalus, to make a wooden bull in which she could disguise herself and mate with the animal. Thus the queen copulated with the bull, was impregnated by it, and gave birth to the Minotaur, a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man.

When Minos found out about the Minotaur, whose hunger could only be satised by human esh, he ordered the repentant Daedalus to build a suitable cage where the Minotaur could be kept without possibility of escape. Daedalus devised the Labyrinth, an enormous maze, and placed the Minotaur at the center. There the conned beast remained, fed on youths and maidens sent as tribute by the kings vassals, until it was slain by the Greek hero Theseus.

T he typical Gemini native is clever, quick-witted, and often hysterically funny.


A great communicator, you can talk your way into or out of anything. Like Hermes Mercury , the mythological messenger of the gods, twins are swift-moving free spirits. You spend your time rushing from place to place, spreading the latest news and checking into whatever looks most interesting or unusual. You love exchanging thoughts and ideas and rarely pass up a chance to join in a spirited discussion. When life gets too quiet, you may deliberately stir things up in an attempt to make something exciting happen.

Youre interested in practically everything but not inclined to delve deeply into any one topic. Theres just too much to do, to talk about, and to learn for you to take the time to probe the depths of a single thing. Your attention is quickly caught, and you follow wherever it leads. However, youre easily distracted and likely to go off on a tangent at the drop of a hat. Because you spread yourself so thin, you may garner a reputation for being rather supercial. Relationships As the member of a dual sign, you want to be free, but you dont want to be alone. Youre prepared to sacrice some of your freedom in exchange for an enduring relationship.

Love is important to you, but friendship. Although you thoroughly enjoy romantic encounters, in your mind they will never replace scintillating conversation. Intelligence and humor are more likely to attract and hold your attention than beauty or style. Twins live mainly in the mind. Emotional displays scare you, and youre uncomfortable dealing with feelings yours or anyone elses. When you commit to someone, you like to know that youre cared about and appreciated, but you dont want your partner to make a big deal about it.

The Myth Many of the Gemini myths revolve around sets of twins representing the signs opposing possibilities. When the twin boys were born as a result of Antiopes rape by Zeus, her uncle Lycus forced her to expose them on Mount Cithaeron. The boys were saved from certain death by shepherds and raised without any knowledge of their royal origin. Hermes Mercury gave Amphion a lyre and taught him to play it, while his brother Zethus hunted and tended the ocks. When they grew up, the twins rescued their mother from the usurper Lycus and assumed their rightful heritage. Gemini duality can be seen quite clearly in the Celtic tale of the twins Nisien peaceful and Efnisien hostile as told in the Welsh epic The Mabinogion.

Nisien had great compassion and was the only one who could understand and control his twin, for whom he died to protect during the war with Ireland. An easily insulted troublemaker, Efnisien actually brought on the war by disguring King Malthowchs horses, an act of spite Efnisien committed because he was not consulted when Bran promised his sister Branwen in marriage to the Irish king.

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Yet Efnisien could also be heroic, as he was when he gave his own life to save Bran and the Welsh invaders. H Character and Personality The Nurturer. T he uctuating moods of Cancers natives are related to the phases of its ruler, the mysterious, ever-changing Moon. Consequently, youre very sensitive, and when youre feelings are hurt, youll retreat into your crabs shell and refuse to come out.

Closely attuned to your own emotions and those of others, you pick up on what people are feeling. When you become aware of someones pain, youll instinctively reach out in an attempt to nurture the sufferer. As the sign of motherhood, hearth, and home, Cancer relates to family, domesticity, and security. If youre anything like most members of this sign, youre a conrmed homebody, and your own residence may be the only place where you feel totally safe. However, the Moon bestows both a predilection and a fondness for travel, and you may travel a great deal, especially for business.

Cancer belongs to the world of reality as well as the realm of dreams and the unconscious. Cancer is a water sign imagination , but it is also a cardinal sign action. Crabs are naturally hard workers, and your shrewdness with money is legendary. Your unremitting search for security extends outward from your home to your workplace, and youre likely to be extremely successful in both venues. However, Cancer is a sign of contradictions, and crabs can be difcult to get to know. Although youre romantic and sentimental, you dont give your heart away easily.

Youd rather keep your feelings hidden until youre certain they are reciprocated. When you do nd the love and affection you crave, you immediately begin worrying about losing it. Driven by insecurity, your imagination has a way of running away with itself, and you can become extremely jealous and possessive. He was named glory of Hera for Zeuss wife, the queen of the Olympian gods. But Hera hated her namesake and sent two serpents to kill the infant in his cradle; Heracles strangled both with his bare hands. Hera would not be deterred, however, and continued to make trouble for Heracles.

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At one point she caused him to lose his mind, and, in a t of temporary insanity, he killed his own wife and children. When he awakened from his confused state, the great hero was understandably shocked and upset. He prayed to Apollo, and the gods oracle told Heracles that he must atone for his crime by showing obedience to the Greek king, Eurystheus. Eurystheus sent Heracles on a journey, during which the hero was to complete twelve nearly impossible labors. If he succeeded, his place among the gods would be assured. The second of the twelve tasks called for the destruction of the Lernean hydra, a monster that was terrorizing the countryside. The hydra was a venomous, nine-headed serpent that had been specically reared by Hera to ght Heracles. Heracles traveled to Lerna to hunt the hydra. During the ght, all the animals favored the Greek hero. But, just when Heracles seemed to be gaining the advantage, a giant crab sent by Hera emerged from a cave and managed to get a claw-hold on his foot. Because of this distraction, Heracles nearly lost the battle.

Eventually Heracles succeeded in crushing the life from the crab and then went on to defeat the hydra. Nevertheless, Hera was so impressed with the crabs loyalty and courage that she placed its image in the night sky as the constellation Cancer. T he Sun-ruled personality is difcult to miss because Leos love dramatizing their experiences.