Aquarius march 26 compatibility

Aries gives Aquarius the confidence to charge ahead rather than just sitting in the laboratory concocting new ideas.

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Aquarius can help Aries stabilize and complete projects rather than jumping into new plans without completing the old ones. They have a lot of respect and admiration for one another, which helps smooth any obstacles in their relationship.

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Their ability to achieve so much when they work together. Cardinal Fire and Fixed Air cover all the bases.

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Pisces-Aquarius Compatibility

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You might feel like revisiting the past by going to a few of those places. You are very particular about your looks and your clothes today and can expect a compliment from your partner about it. If buying flowers today, go for tulips. In case of meals, avoid garlic today. Your partner will expect an outing today.

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Be prepared for a few surprises. There might be a call for some discretion as a passing comment may cause slight unrest.

Therefore, pay attention to what you say. You can expect a lot of calls from your partner today which will be very exciting as it shows your partner is missing you a lot. Return the affections with the same vigor. You and your partner are very different individuals in attitude and thoughts but it is your determination to be together that keeps you together.