Leo 28 march horoscope 2020

According to the January and February horoscope , the native of the zodiac sign of Leo notices that his most faithful friends do not react to his solicitations. They are probably overwhelmed because they are usually always present when needed. One must stay the course feeling a little alone on board a rough sea. In business, Leo may also be confronted with situations of abuse of authority by his superiors. During the cycle of the sun in Aquarius, like a snail sheltered in its shell, it is preferable to close hatches from all external interference, against which reason can not fight.

The transit of the sun in the 12th House lasts until March 19, The Sun in Pisces is a challenge of success in the hospital professions and in the hotel industry. In a general way, all trades whose activity takes place in a relative calm and in a delicate atmosphere benefit from this period.

According to the March horoscope , for the native of the sign of Leo, it is about a balanced phase, which allows him to find a certain harmony, to take again in his capacities and to assert himself in an environment which is not always calm. The period of the Sun in Pisces is a transitional phase that allows us to restore meaning to the life perspectives that we have set ourselves. The transit of the sun in the 1st House lasts until April 20, The sun is in a state of dignity of Exaltation. It "accelerates" to return to his next Conjunction and finish its cycle.

Its positive energy combined with its power at its peak bring all their benefits. The exaltation of the sun is very favorable to the House of Aries and allows it to fully express all his qualities. For Leo in April , it is a prosperous cycle, during which the body and the soul are invigorated. This beneficial, generous and caring energy benefits everyone.

During the time of the sun in Aries, courage, righteousness and strength combined allow to sweep away all the obstacles that would come through the road of the noble souls who decided to assert themselves to print a positive mark on the world. The transit of the sun in the 2nd House lasts until May 21, The sun in Taurus is a beneficial and profitable event for those who are at the head of large private and public companies.

It is difficult to put aside the gains accumulated during this prosperous and generous period. According to the May horoscope of the natives of the astrological sign Leo, it is difficult to escape a certain euphoria in view of unexpected cash inflows, going along with a consolidation of its status. The cycle of the sun in Taurus mainly benefits the leaders of big companies, but also to the high officials of state and the jewelry trades.

The transit of the sun in the 3rd House lasts until June 21, The sun in Gemini ensures the good fortune of intellectual and creative careers. Thus, it is an ideal period to consolidate one's knowledge and develop one's taste for the artistic thing. In June , Leo can also expect significant career advancement or business success. During the passage of the sun in Gemini, no dream is impossible to whom knows how to build patiently his network while consolidating his skills. Sun passage in the 4th house until July 22, Sun in Cancer is often a position associated with children born in privileged families.

Luck, fortune and success are at your fingertips. According to the July horoscope , the native of the zodiac sign of Leo maintains excellent relations with his parents or guardians and they do all they can to support him in his choices. During the passage of the sun in Cancer, the family bonds tighten strongly. As per Leo Marriage Horoscope , things will start improving after September and you will notice that issues may start settling down without much of an effort put in. Just stay supportive of them and help them get better with your love and concern. According to the Leo Family Horoscope , the family environment most will remain peaceful and harmonious during this year.


There are chances of some spiritual program or gathering that might take place at your home during this year. As per the Leo Family Horoscope predictions, you may also plan a small family trip to someplace together where you will get an opportunity to bond again with your family which you have been unable to do on a daily basis because of your busy work schedule.

Leo Horoscope 2020

It is imperative for you to think twice before saying anything in the family from July to September as things might swing the other way which never would have been your intention and may also take an ugly form later. As stated by Leo Family Horoscope , it is a good time to sort any dispute or disagreement within the family regarding the family heritage especially related to your family or ancestral money or property else it might become a point of great concern in the future.

As predicted by Leo family Horoscope, your Father may get some reward in the form of a promotion or any other prestigious opportunities that are coming his way. It will be a really proud moment for you and your family. The year will be a financially sound year for you as you will experience a positive and exponential increase in your income this year where even new sources of income will open up and come to you from all directions according to the Leo Finance Horoscope predictions. As per the Leo Finance Horoscope , you will have surplus money in your pocket to spend on things you wished to during this year.

Just be careful not to apply or take any financial loan in the middle of the year as it may not be a financially good decision for your future. During this period, you will experience a rise in income. There are strong possibilities that you will also get a decent salary hike or increment during this period of time.

You will be able to accumulate wealth and make some decent savings during this period of time. You may inherit some parental or ancestral money as well during this time period. According to Leo Finance Horoscope , this is a good time to invest money in speculations and also to purchase new land and property. There are high chances that you may also inherit some family property or money during this year which will further boost your finances.

As stated by Leo Finance Horoscope, some old investments will bring some good and fat returns for you after September about which you might have forgotten. We use cookies to optimize your experience on our website and to personalize content. By continuing to use the website you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more. Home Horoscope - By Pt.

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Onkar Nath Leo Horoscope. Leo Horoscope. More competitors, stay away from cooperative partners. Respiratory system problems, more physical exercises. And I've been eyeing this one job for years already. I just sent my application last November I am praying that I'll get accepted. Based on the prediction, you would have a chance to be accepted as long as you prepared it very well.

Good luck! I'm not sure if I should sacrifice to pursue my dream job or find a job that will suit me. Having a hard time to decide on my career this month. Born on Aug 25th, Oh, you are suggested to pursue your dream job. You have enough abilities to achieve some successes. Thus don't give up. Hi, Date of birth: November 29, I want to do my higher studies in abroad for Jan intake. Will I get visa?

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Thanks in advance. The prediction shows that there will be a large chance for you to do higher studies. If you prepare very well, you may get a visa. Asked by J.