Kanya rashi march 2020 horoscope

You will be forced to make compromises. Luck in love and romance will not favour you. Relocation is likely.

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Panditji of Drik Panchang wishes you a happy and prosperous day. Birthstar known as Janma Nakshatra is the name of the constellation in which the Moon was located at the time of the birth. Janma Lagna is the zodiac sign rising at the Eastern horizon at the time of the birth. Janma Lagna Sunsign Shraddha Calculator. Icons Facebook Pages. Modern Theme. Kanya Virgo January D Daily. Rashi Auspicious Days 09, 19, Rashi Inauspicious Days 01, 04, 06, 11, 13, 15, 17, 21, 24, 26, Favourable Number 3, 8. Other Links Related to Rashifal.

Hence this would be a perfect time to forge co-operative or joint deals in personal and professional fields. Life would be more organized these days for Virgo people. You would realize that happiness comes not by yourself alone but the goodness from others around too.

For Virgo people, during February, the planets, Mercury, Venus and Uranus would be in opposition deg to their sign. And this combination would be in square 0 deg with Jupiter. Hence totally unexpected events happen in life. Be calm and poised and take things that come in their own stride. If you are going to be head-on, then you would be the loser. At ime when you ought to protect yourself and your repute and image in general.


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This month also brings out the sensual nature in you, but do not over-indulge or go out of bounds. Avoid mistakes and problems all this month. The planets are favourably placed for Virgo people in March Particularly Sun and Mercury are placed in such a way they improve your personality and knowledge base. This is a good time for social acts and to make new acquaintances.

Also you may utilize this period to pursue academic interests. Give reverence to your elders and teachers who help you in this. Keep calm for the period. April starts on a good note for Virgo natives in the sense the planets Uranus and Mercury are in conjunction 0 deg. And this combination is in square 90 deg with Jupiter. This planetary influence increases your knowledge base and makes you quite quick and fast. However the second half of the month, you might lose steam, hence be prepared to handle the same.

All this period you are destined to organize things in a streamlined manner. You got the energy, but you ought to channel it properly. Do not get too excited.

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In May , the planets Mars and Uranus are in opposition deg to your sign. This brings about some jitters in your life. However you would be able to withstand this, thanks to the benefic aspects of Venus. You would be very dynamic all this month. Do something good to the society at large these days.

You would stay well organized all this month.

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And would have a sense of freedom and independence these days. Be courageous, and do not interfere in the personal matters of those around. Particularly to do not be critical of others. Maintain a cordial balance between your knowledge and enthusiasm this May. In June , the planets Jupiter and Pluto would be in square aspect 90 deg to your sign.

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This brings about some agitation around for Virgo folks. However the effects would be negligible and you stay motivated. This month is a good time for some peace-time activities. Jupiter brings about enthusiasm in you and Pluto makes it that you are quite serious about what you are currently into.

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  8. You are known for your orderly and organized lifestyle. Stay so and avoid impulsive actions altogether for the month. Maintain a good balance between your knowledge and its practical use. In July , Mercury your sign ruler is favorably placed for you. This would stimulate your level of inquisitiveness. Also you would be at your intellectual best. This would be a good time for some spiritual works, get some spiritual discourses or meditations to soother your nerves.

    कन्या राशि वर्षफल 2020 KANYA VIRGO 2020 Annual Horoscope Astrology by Sundeep Katarria

    Try to have a better understanding of those around you, particularly your loved ones. Think over your future plans for now. This advises Virgo folks to move ahead with full vigour and strength. Your intellect and energy would come in handy in forging ahead towards your ambitions. You take life in an orderly manner for now.


    There would be clear and legible thoughts followed by actions this month. Major decisions regarding personal and professional life can be taken up now. The Sun is loitering in your sign, and it is your birthday, Virgo. But then there might be problems around as Mars is in square aspect 90 deg to the Sun during September You might overreact thanks to this planetary influence.

    You would be quite aggressive and intense as well ,marring relationships. Utilize the period for setting your house in order, this also means your personal relationships too. A host of planetary line-ups are up for Virgo guys this October You are aided by the planet Mars and this gives you the energy to act with enthusiasm all this month.

    And Venus and Saturn are in conjunction 0 deg in your sign and they make sure that love and affection are emphasized for you. Add to this the effect of Mercury which blesses you with wisdom and intelligence. This is a good time to help others. Hence join some social or charity organizations and do your best this season.

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    In November , Virgo people would stay grounded and stable. The Sun in Scorpio would be well aspected by Saturn and this brings about confidence for Virgo guys. But make sure that you do not stick to any strong and adamant situations. Do not be stubborn and learn to understand the feelings of your loved ones. Through the month, you would be able to do things well in order.

    Do note that things happening around do have an implication on you. Develop a humble attitude for now. And this would bring success to your feet. A sense of excitement would be felt by Virgo folks this December thanks to the holidays around and the favourable placement of Jupiter and Uranus and Jupiter in your sign. Be cautious of what you give importance to these days. Your emphasis for the period matters a lot.

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