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Pearls are also recommended for people who have a beneficial moon in their horoscope. These gems come in many unique colours. Black pearls , pink pearls , off-white pearls and dark copper. It can be worn as a ring or pendant. Pure Pearls has an extensive variety of genuine pearls that can have a positive influence on your life.

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Tags: astrological pearl finger ring , benefits of wearing pearl , genuine pearl for astorlogy , real pearl jewellery online. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The many astrological benefits of Pearls. Caring for your pearls. Gem certification from Bahrain often serves as a valid proof that the gemstone offered to you is a real Basra ka Moti.

It is often said that the natural Basra Pearl are baroque-shaped, slightly creamish and small in size. We always recommended the buyers to choose a reliable and trustworthy Pearl supplier or retailer who deal only in certified natural gems. No, Cultured Pearls are not synthetic. They are produced inside the body of a living Mollusk but by manually inserting an irritant inside the body of a living mollusc to initiate the pearl formation process.

This mannered process by which the mother Mollusc conceives a pearl is what draws a line between Natural Pearl and Cultured Pearl. In both the cases, the remaining process of pearl formation is solely done by the metabolism of living mollusk. On exterior grounds, there is no significant difference between a natural pearl and cultured pearl. One can buy Cultured Pearl and can wear it for both astrological as well as jewellery purposes.

At GemPundit, we have an exquisite collection of Pearl in more than ………… Our helpful gem experts can offer you a helping hand in finding the best pearl gemstone within your considered budget.

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Click here to Chat with our Expert! These gems are grown cultured inside the body of Mollusk using a manual process.

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The Pearl formed by any of these methods are considered genuine and can be worn to gain positive results in life. Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!

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Please wait Buy Pearl stone Moti online from GemPundit! Pearl Prices Pearl stone price vary with the quality and size of the gemstone. Shop for certified Pearl online from GemPundit.

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In which metal should I wear Pearl gemstone to gain maximum astrological benefits? According to the sacred Vedic scriptures, Silver is regarded as the most suitable metal for wearing Moti ratan Pearl from the astrological perspective.

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How to identify a natural Basra ka Moti? Are Cultured Pearls synthetic or fake? What is the ideal carat weight of pearl that one can wear to gain its astrological benefits?

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