18 march horoscope daily

A fiery Aries event in Brooklyn on March 23! The moon in Leo opposes Venus at AM and we're craving affection. Tempers are short as the moon squares off with Mars at AM.

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The moon connects with Jupiter at AM, inspiring us to be open-minded and generous. The moon enters down-to-earth Virgo at PM and connects with Uranus at PM, encouraging us to do our own thing. The moon enters your opposite sign Virgo tonight, lighting up the relationship sector of your chart. You're having exciting and unexpected conversations as the moon connects with electric Uranus this evening. The moon is in fellow fire sign Leo for most of the day, putting you in a flirtatious mood, Aries!

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The moon in Leo lights up the home and family sector of your chart today, but the mood shifts tonight when the moon enters Virgo, bringing unexpected flirtatious vibes your way, Taurus! Your focus shifts to home and family as the moon enters Virgo tonight.

You are an innovative pioneer who can easily understand the needs of others and take the best course of action. Your ability to churn out ideas, solutions, and plans makes you an exceptional leader. You know how to solve problems creatively and have the energy to act and make concrete decisions.

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Your different way of looking at the world and willingness to share with others can sometimes be off-putting in social settings. You love to dive into deep subjects quickly with anyone who is willing to listen, and while this can make fast friends for those willing to engage, it can also make other people quite uncomfortable.


You tend to latch on to your beliefs and can be very stubborn when someone challenges you. Enjoy the debate! Try to relax and have a fun, diverse conversation with those who disagree with you. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will love staying up all night talking together and sharing unique ideas and dreams. If you bide your time and just let events unfold you may be surprised to discover that whatever was holding you back has also been working in your favor.

According to the planets someone is trying to mislead you so they can profit from your mistakes. You may not be in a chatty mood but you will have to talk to someone today, if only to find out what they are up to and if their actions could affect you. Chances are you have precious little to worry about, and so much to look forward to.


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You like a good discussion over the issues of the day and one particular person will say something today that opens your mind to a whole new range of possibilities. You can never know it all but you can keep growing in understanding. Now On Now on Page Six. Daily Horoscope Sally Brompton.