March 23 virgo daily horoscope

November Sharing a new book or film at work is your hot love scenario. November Too much thinking about the way ahead means too little action.

Virgo Daily

November Moods and attitudes within the family are warmer and more receptive. November As you dig deep into your true self, you will love what you find. November A family skill could be a useful way to generate extra cash.

November You discover that love sometimes means letting someone say sorry. November New opportunities can open up wherever you go and at any time.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

November As the sun powers towards your sign, you have the chance to shine. November If you are single, a Scorpio with a mysterious air can change that.

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November You feel the power of Pluto encouraging you to make daring choices. November Your passion profile has Mars heat and is full of positive energy. November Just as you fall in love with someone new, an ex wants to try again.


What does the Sagittarius star sign mean and who are they compatible with? November It is suddenly much easier to put your deepest feelings into words. November An adventure moon pushes travel or study plans to the next stage. November 9: Mars and Venus focus on different aspects of love and line up choice. Let yourself flirt "for the fun of it," and if you think there's a chance to explore more, suggest a one-on-one hangout, like dinner or a weekend movie date.

Virgo Horoscope - Daily

Don't kid yourself, though: If this person is already otherwise engaged or notoriously commitment-shy , keep a healthy boundary in place—and go take a cold shower if you must. The quarter moon in Pisces reminds you to appreciate the subtler, more enduring qualities that people have to offer today.

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  • You may have overlooked a strong, silent supporter who's been in your corner all along, or maybe someone has been subtly trying to get your attention, and you finally realize it. Exploring the connection's deeper potential doesn't bind you to each other.

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    Don't overthink it; just see where a conversation can lead you two. As an Aries moon lands in your eighth house of intuition, deep transformation and privacy, today would be a great day to give yourself a break from the daily commotion. So much for the cool-as-a-cucumber Virgo shtick! And really, why would you even want to consider that? This is a rare and incendiary mashup, and you owe it to yourself and one lucky other person to act on your urges.

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    Go ahead and make the first—and if necessary, the second—move. Just be careful not to come on TOO strong. A seismic sync-up of a short-fused Aries moon and volcanic Pluto in your passion zones can rev up your mental chatter and nervous system to the point where you feel you need to do something.

    Talk to a grounded friend before you make a rash move.